Another Great Student Panel

We’re getting some great responses and interest in a second student panel we assembled in the last two weeks. Back in February 25, 2005, we had a 5 member panel for our ePortfolio Dialogue Day. For that one we even managed to capture and post the audio from the 55 minnute session.

The following Friday (March 4, 2005), our Ocotillo Online Learning Group (OLG) convened a panel discussion with 12 Maricopa students, from 4 different colleges, to share their Student Voices about learning in online or hybrid courses.

Unfortunately we did not get our request for recording in on time (no podcasts, sorry), but thanks to the detailed notes of Randi in our office, we have a nice set of student quotes and suggestions in our meeting notes.

Online courses [produce better learning environments]. You have to teach yourself to learn what you need to know. You pay more attention and are more focused.

Content, online vs. in class, is there more material online or do you lose something? Does the textbook enrich the learning experience?

“The textbook becomes like a third learning tool, not the best tool. As an extrovert, one night a week in person is good, but the discussion board is great.”

“There are some classes where I have never used the book. Feedback from the instructors in important.”

How many feel like they have lost something in hybrid and online courses?

No students indicated that they had lost anything by not being in the classroom.
One student thought that the add in material was excessive.
If the instructor does not use the discussion board than the students miss out.

See the rest of the notes and quotes…

These student voices were fresh, honest, and clear that they want flexible learning, and are willing to put extra effort in.

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