Just a Wiki? Not! Check Out Jotspot

Interested in wikis, but turned off by the geeky interface, the technical set up hurdle, or the fear of spam? You’ve got company. But I just quickly scanned Jotspot, billed as “the application wiki”. From what I can scan, it is a second generation wiki offering a WYSIWIG editing interface (“Nothing new to learn. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use JotSpot”), an ability to post by emailing a wiki page (“Every page is an Inbox. Simply “CC:” a wiki page and the email is automatically attached to that page”), and the integration of web forms and other sorts of interactions that suggest it can be used for not just managing content, but creating some web applications (“Jot Spot enables you to build applications, not just pages)”.

This is just a quick surf, but I’m headed back later to dive deeper. Don’t be put off by the business language — it is perhaps a big step for wiki-ology from geekdom to wider use..

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