I’ve been in the sub-arctic zone known as “Boston” since Wednesday (hey, it is 85 degrees back home!) for some visits at MIT. Yes, that MIT. This was set up partly to learn more about the iCampus initiative thanks to a gracious invitation from Phil Long at last fall’s EDUCAUSE conference. I am here with two other Maricopa colleagues, and we are soaking in the various learning space designs on campus, as well as what we can learn from various education, technology, media projects that seem to ooze out of every place on campus.

But the really scary part was when Phil asked me to provide a presentation for the “CrossTalk Seminar on Educational Change” today…. me, some hick from Arizona. As mentioned in the Ed Tech Times (hey, MIT is using blogs for publishing, cool) I attempted to roll a bunch of projects into one show: Jackalopes, Ocotillos, Learning eXchanges, RSS, and Other Arizona Learning Technology Curiosities, all rolled up into a new CDB wiki site I will use for occasional presenting. I attempted to toss in Rip.Mix.Feed. among this as well.

I thought I was babbling incoherently for 90 minutes, but did not have to duck any rotten tomatoes, and got some good questions about the RipMix Stuff as well as one the features and capabilities of the Maricopa Learning eXchange (they got a quick sneak peak at the new CSS designs for the openMLX).

Whew, I glad to have this one notched in the belt too. I have one more day of visits before jetting home Saturday.

Oh yes, I’ve got a batch of flickr-ized stuff from New York and Boston.

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