Skyperview Number 16

I ought to stop, but this is too much fun.. today I completed my 16th mini “Skyperview” with folks near and far about their use and ideas for digital audio over the net. I’ll be scraping a few more before the end of the week, but I need to get around to actually writing my article this is going to be used for.

So added yesterday and today:

* Steve Dembo, Director of Technology at a school in Chicago, blogs at Teach42 fame. http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/forum/spr05/steve_dembo.mp3

* Diana Oblinger, Vice President of EDUCAUSE. We were discussing a summer project over the phone, and I just recorded her with my iRiver 3p3 recorder stuck in front of the telephone speaker. Not the greatest quality, but she has such great ideas and perspective. And EDUCAUSE is going full bore into podcasting.

* Rachel Smith, Director of Development and Programs with New Media Consortium, from her home in Sonoma County California.

* Amy Gahran, blogs at Contentious from Boulder Colorado. She was very patient as I initially recorded her yesterday, but something between Skype, WireTap, LineIn completely hung my G4 and the whole thing was list. She did the interview a second time. There is absolutely something different about the person to person voice connection– Amy and I had traded some barbs via the written (blogged) format, but person to person it was respectful and fun. And she had a boatload of great ideas she mentioned in the Skperview. Heck, we might even be friends now ;-)

Interesting trends are that everyone I have spoken to is today taking advantage of content by digital audio, many have more than one device, a few have some high end home network systems for audio, and all are optimistic on the potential for this new communication form.

Also, the overall quality of audio via Skype is superb. Since I am recording just the interview-ees audio, it makes it easy in Audacity to snip out the gaps where I was talking as it is just a flat line in the audio form (mine is not recorded).

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