Skyperviews Up to 21

I keep recording the audio “skyperview” and “iRiverView” interviews I am doing for the upcoming article I am not yet writing, and have 21 now in the collection:


Most of these were colleagues I cornered with my mp3 recorder, as well as a few more audio devices

So added to the list:

* Eric Feinblatt and Michael Feldstein– from the SUNY system, we were having a Skype conversation so I just tagged on the interview

* Shelley Rodrigo– English faculty at Mesa Community College (one of the 10 Maricopas) when she dropped by my office to chat about her work with our Ocotillo Hybrid Structures action group. She’s one energetic teacher!

* Cheryl Colan– wears many hats as a part time Media Technician at Phoenix College (another Maricopa), part time web designer for me at MCLI, as well as a talented digital video editor and digital storytelling expert. She had an iPod borrowed from another faculty member along with the Belkin attachment mmicrophone… we got audio, but I’m not impressed with the sound quality.

* Roger Yohe– Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Estrella Mountain Community College (yes, another Maricopa site). This was interesting. We were using his school’s Wimba server for an online audio meeting that had Roger on the west side of town, myself in Tempe, Jim Patterson in North Phoenix, and John Arle from central Phoenix. I would have recorded it directly into my WireTapPro, but Wimba hung by Mac browser, and I had to shift to the Dell laptop. So this audio was transmitted via Wimba but recorded with my little trusty iRiver mp3 recorder.

* Maureen Zimmerman — Nutrition faculty at Mesa Community College, but on loan to our office as Director Iand my boss). Recorded with the iRiver in her office.

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