Go Get Thawed: NBT- Locally Produced Movie Aimng High

Arizona may not have a reputation for producing local independent movies, but Never Been Thawed may change all that. I saw the previews a few weeks ago, and could tell it would be a riot. Yup, I going by my guy and saying it is a good movie before having seen it…. Better known (or not) as “NBT”, the movie is a mockumentary in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap.

Apparently, NBT takes a look at the small worlds of sub-cultures weaving everything from th eMesa Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts Club, collectors of frozen food (more value for items never thawed, hence the name) to a punk rock turned Christian rock band (they changed every f-word to “pray”) to a pregnancy telephone counselor at the “Bill Clinton Crises Center” to a barbershop run by clowns to the No Choice coffee shop which serves anti-abortion protestors… well that’s what I’ve gleaned from the previews/reviews.

It looks pretty irreverent and extremely sarcastic, so NBT is looking good to me. Dig up some more reviews, ask your local movie house to bring in NBT, or heck, take a flight to Phoenix and check out the movie.

Yeah, Never Been Thawed… an Arizona export?

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