My Dentist Really Does NOT have RSS (but digital technology…)

I whimsically, and falsely, wrote My Dentist Has an RSS Feed (there was a point, but that post has scrolled away…).

However, he is rather wired for his work. Today, at his new office, they used a digital xray machine that takes the photos of your teeth, but they insert a mini sensor card in your mouth, that is read almost instantly into a computer and projected on a flat screen in the office for him to examine and show me (no plasma screen yet). Apparently the cost savings (on supplies, film, chemicals) are significant, the images sharper and saved to an electronic record, and also since the coverage is larger, I am exposed to less x-rays.

It’s one of those subtle things I like to notice where technology slips into ordinary activities, and is useful. At other doctor’s offices, I see reams of paper, paper notes, large bukly files, doctors flipping through pages to find things… well it is something they hopefully are in transition.

I ordered an 11×14 glossy of my molars ;-)

And better yet, no cavities.

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