Wow, another great WordPress characteristic– publishing entries from ecto to WordPress seems almost instantaneous! Previously, clicking “Publish” to MovableType was a minute or more of grinding as MT had to not only put content in the database, but crank through and republish indexes, entry pages, category pages, etc. With WordPress is just goes into the database and you are done.

I am loving it.

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  1. Yeah. It’s nice not having to wait for 100 files to be updated for every post. It’s even nicer when you start tweaking the theme – no Really Long Rebuilds for each minor tweak. Much nicer for smaller iterative changes.

    Glad you’re enjoying WordPress! I know I’ve been jumping around through the various blogging software (Blosxom –> MT –> Blosxom –> WordPress, with some dabbling with Drupal), but I really can’t imagine leaving WP for my personal blog. It’s not perfect, but it is so much nicer than any of the alternatives (especially with comment/trackback spam management).

  2. I’ve recently migrated to WP from pMachine. Not such a breeze for me for the only converter is from pMachine 2.3 to WP 1.2 and it seems a little problematic. Also, posting in WP crawls for ages until I commented out the lines starting “$rss = @fetch_rss(…” in wp-admin/index.php, as suggested by a post in the WP support forum. (See “Extremely slow posting in WP 1.5” at

    How do you manage to make WP posting move so fast?

  3. I am hardly a WP expert to give an answer J.K. I do notice the slower loading onf the main admin page (maybe 15 seconds on a fast connection). The speed I was referring to was in the publshing of the post directly from ecto, a desktop application, because in WordPress it is just pushing stuff into the database, as compared to MovableType which has to publish to thew database as well as re-publish several static pages.

    Sorry, I have no answer, and am thankful for my smooth progress so far.

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