Spammers Again At Every Web Form Oriface

Previously I have documented the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) diagnosis of SpamNymphomania, the sad, desperate attempt to stick Porn Pill Casino links into any web form that contains a textarea and a submit button.

In extremely sad cases, they continue to do so when there is no payoff at all, they submit stuff to web forms that never publish content to any web site, so their URLs never see the light of day,

But the Texas Hold-em mania is the most extreme, so they continue to try and stuff things in our web feedback forms and latest today, trying to stuff it into the form on the Feed2JS site that allows normal people to share new CSS designs.

The solution is rather simple in my PHP scripts to issue die statements for sites where there are known keywords for valid input; in other cases, I have traps set for excessive numbers of URLs. This is all just to save me from deleting some email notifications, cause that is the only place the content goes, from your spam to my deleted mail box.

Spammers, get some help today. Nahhh, just get a freakin’ life. Do something meaningful for a change, rather than abusing people who have better things to do. Again, is that the legacy one hopes for as their eulogy?

“Oh Absinth542 was a lovely human, who managed to get Phentermine Inc a top Google Rank for 2 months back in 2005.”

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  1. May I suggest Dr. Dave’s “Spam Karma” plugin? It’s been just about 100% successful at banishing the spam (comment and trackback) from my wordpress blog.

  2. Yes, you can suggest as I am still wet behind the ears with WordPress and am just getting started with plug-ins.

    But I am not having any problems with spam in WordPress. My post is about general purpose web forms on our sites (feedback forms, information submittal) that spammers are peeing into that have NO chance of every putting content into a web page.

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