Student with ePortfolio Wins Art Scholarship

Actually, we are not sure if the ePortfolio had anything to do with it, but one of the members of the student panel discussions at our February Dialogue Day with Helen Barrett, Nestor Martinez got some good news.

According to a post from his teacher, Dale Doubleday:

On a different note, those of you that attended the Dialog Day with Dr. Helen Barrett may remember one of the student panelists, Nestor Martinez. He is the art student that has been publishing his graphic design and painting work on his ePortfolio. His reflection on his work made him recently decide to continue to study, but in the area of painting, after he completed his AA degree in Computer Graphic Desing next month. The Phoenix College Art Department is proud to announce that Nestor received the Eric Fischl Merit Scholarship this past week. Eric Fischl came to Phoenix on Friday to personally hand out the Merit and the Eric Fischl Vangard scholarships. The Merit scholarship is $2500 award, based on academic achievement and financial need, designated to a student that is studying fine art at Phoenix College. Congratulations Nestor!

According to the college’s press release, Eric Fischl is an internationally known artist who attended the college in the late 1960s.

Check out Nestor’s work in his eportfolio, titled “Nestorious”:

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