The Wait Is Over

Just short of 3 weeks converted from my old MovableType blog to this new one running WordPress, and I got my first slice of comment spam. Ewwww, it is pretty smelly, but it just slide easily off the moderation queue into the dung heap.

I’ve waited to implement more WP anti-spam plugins, waiting to see how long the comment spam roaches would take to get their tiny feet over here. Perhaps I should offer a prize to this lucky first intruder, except they are smashed under the steel shank of my spam stompin’ boots.

Again, the built in comment moderation of WP is very effective. If you’ve never been written a legit comment to my blog, you are put into the waiting room, and I can quickly deal with a whole pile of roaches from one screen.

Spam roaches, so predictable. A defense is to be more unpredictable as a target.

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