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Not Yet Riding the Tiger

I am not one to stand in line or rush out to get the first version of a new operating system, so I am going to let the nice other eager souls take the first cuts on OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Over the years, I have found it more prudent to wait for the X.X.1 release.

Frankly, the appearance and functionality of a computer operating system of little interest- it works best when it is not a big deal, when it is transparent, and supports my work flow. Dropping everything to back up, clean up, install, re-install software, find lost pieces, play with new features… well it takes time. There is a cost (for me) in time.

I recall the fun term for all the little add-on software some folks spend hours/days/?? twiddling with- “FritterWare” meaning that it was stuff you could fritter your time away making your menubars a different color, customizing the boings your email program makes (mine is silent), having a funky clock, more or less “desktop candy” if you well.

I am not a change grump and I do have my ideas on the new feature sets but it boils down to the simple question- is it Urgent and Important to my work to do it now? The “old” stuff is running fine.

I will get around to upgrade in a few weeks (we have ordered them for our entire office), after reviewing all the blogs and boards of those who are kind enough to leap body first into a new OS.

Maybe I am just getting old, but I will ride the Tiger when I need to or have the time to, not when it roars.

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  1. Like this Tiger bug, for example:

    Let’s see if I can summarize in typical media ‘cat language’ being used to report about Tiger: If you try to mount a disk image larger than 1GB, Tiger shreds and devours your image, resetting the size to 1008MB. Hmm. Not a very good parody.

    There’s a great collection of Tiger details at Daring Fireball (, which you can RSS here:

    Better parody by Kottke: “Apple’s Tiger Slays Microsoft’s Grazing Longhorn, Leaving Bloody Entrails Strewn All Over OS Marketplace”.

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