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Maximizing Campus Impact (NMC Conference)

Friday session at NMC Summer Conference:

How can you have an impact on your campus? How do you know if you are succeeding? What strategies are other NMCs using to make an impact? At the 2005 NMC Directors’ Meeting in February, these questions were raised in a stimulating conversation about maximizing campus impact. This session continues that discussion, examining the themes that emerged at the Directors’ Meeting. Participants will be encouraged to share case study-type stories from their own experiences. The results of these discussions will inform an NMC whitepaper on the topic that will be released this fall. Larry Johnson, NMC: The New Media Consortium; Alicia Russell, Northeastern University; Rachel Smith, NMC: The New Media Consortium

Started with ideas at NMC Directors meeting- if it were to be a white paper, what would be the table of contents. Large paper with sketched notes on this, plus another wall covered with ideas on Strategies for Getting There, and another one on Specific examples.

Maintaining Momentum in a Changing Environment (Alicia Russell- Northeastern University)
EdTech Center hub for exploration, development, of technology to support teaching and learning. Agent for change, helps formulate policies. Considers scalability in all projects.

Created department templates that are flexible run by content management system. Also worked with departments to help promote programs (to attract graduate students). Supports research and grants (ICEFISH Cruise Website, Urban Teaching Connection, WebGURU). Supporting undergraduate teaching (“Beyond Books and Whiteboards” events, Planet Biology COurse Site- links real world events to learning, Jonas Chalk Advice for Teachers of Freshmen).

Measure and advertise success for self evaluation tools for faculty; newsletter; Listening to Out Student Contest- students nominate faculty for award on innovative use of technology in teaching award (300-400 student nominations each year). Developing eportfolio process for faculty and students. Expanding hybrid graduate programs. Creating self-running animated tutorials based on the faculty students have nominated.

* align goals with institutional goals
* form alliances across campuses
* identify obstacles and pressure points
* use pilots for experimentation in overcoming the obstacles
* publicize results
* pounce on opportunities

Educational Technologies Services (ETS) University of California Berkeley
More than 50 staff at Educational Technologies Services

Support learning systems Sakai, classroom technology, Webcasts on Demand, faculty development

ETS values:
* results oriented for major impact
* scalable and sustainable
* data driven
* innovating effectively (“‘cool’ but it works”)
* focused on enriching the human experience (hiring top user interface designers)
* advancing the global dissemination of knowledge

What is it that makes Maximum Impact?

(1) balance between Focused and Adaptable
* “must be ruthlessly focused on mission and purpose”
* how to adapt that focus

(2) balance between Productive and Bosses’ Goals

(3) balance between Allied with Faculty and Train Your Bosses
* The power on campus is within the faculty; earn their respect
* Help bosses appreciate value of IT

Best working principle in working with a bureaucracy is…. fear (?)

Dialogue among participants

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