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Horizon Report in Practice (NMC Conference

The NMC ““ NLII Horizon Report in Practice: Five Snapshots from the Future

All The Horizon Project Virtual Community of Practice takes emerging technologies and identifies “” and experiments with “” symbiotic educational practices. How do these new tools and techniques fit into educational institutions? Can they make a difference in student learning? What is the best way to evaluate them? Can they harmonize with existing IT infrastructure? How do they transform how we think? What are some obstacles in considering emerging technologies? Join us as we share samples and explore these themes. Cyprien Lomas, University of British Columbia/Educause; Ruben Puentedura, Hippasus; Nick Noakes, Honk Kong University of Science and Technology; Wayne Brent, University of Arizona

NMC publishes the Horizon Report as a roadmap of emerging technologies. EDUCAUSE is coordinating a virtual community of practice to engage more participation and activity in these areas.

Narrowcasting at the intersection of Social Networks & Knowledge Webs AND Extended Learning

Narrow = personal and specialized/niche content production
Casting = personalized choice / subscription, distribution via RSS 2.0 (enclosures) – RSS fits into consumer control trend


  • Blogs via news readers
  • podcasting – audio
  • vodcasting – video
  • PSPcasting – audio and video on gaming devices
  • appcasting- software
  • doc-casting documents in any form

Immersive Technologies

World’s Largest Magnifying Glass Stolen (Game) demonstrates the engagement of immersion

  • video screen
  • games
  • simulations
  • QuickTime VR

Why use?

  • collapse distance
  • capture event in time
  • access to unaccessible things
  • engagement

Example: QuickTimeVR from University of Arizona

Example: Cave (3D immersion)

Example: Virtual meeting Tools (e.g. Breeze, Elluminate)

Example: Visualizing Data from Multiple Sources (Crime and Google Maps)

See Live Plasma:

Folksonomies Ruben Puentedura
(aspect of intelligent searching and social networks)


Folksonomy Typology
Folksonomies of Consumption

Folksonomies of Production Flickr

Hybrids Technorati

See Horizon VCOP collection

See A Moveable Feast: the web

Future and Some issues

  • Quality of taggers work (solution: implement voting reputation system)
  • Scope of References (solution increase volume of expert taggers)
  • The “me, too” Problem (solution: provide temporal weighting on results)

TrustRank as Google for news pages– potential for TrustRank for educational content– use folksonomies as “oracle” for powering this.

Horizon VCoP

  • builds on Horizon Report
  • 60 members
  • Distributed virtual homes: Blog,, flickr, iCohere, Breeze, phone bridge, Skype, Chat/IRC
  • Exploring practices around emerging technologies
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