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Meme It? Delicious Tagging For Online Professional Development for Teachers

A faculty colleague from one of our colleges emailed recently from an institute up in the northwest, asking for recommendations he could share on online professional development opportunities for faculty.

I have somewhat limited experience myself with the TCC Online conferences and some ones from the Australian Flexible Learning programs I did a few clicks back. I dredged through some of my bag of links collection for people who do great wok in this area like Tom March. The Computers in Writing Online Conference hosted at Kairosnews blipped across my readers a lot lately. And with a bit of Googling and I dredged up another dozen or so.

But I thought, what a tedious manual process. This is the place for social software. Maybe it could be a big meme, or even a medium sized one. So I went and delicious-ed them all using my custom tag of edpdonline, which is now available at

So this is where the social part comes in. I am sure there are many more that ought to be on this list. I you have attended a recent online conference or training for teachers that you would recommend to a friend, how about loading it into and tagging with my keyword? I’ve also tossed into a WordPress Page on this blog using Feed2JS to display the latest bunch.

C’mon and join my meme. I’ve never had one that did more than crawl or tremor. But it makes sense as this is the sort of collective intelligence (borrowed from that recent presentation by Henry Jenkins, I like the phrase) that ought to be done in social spaces, rather than hundreds of time by individuals upon request.

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