The New Spam Book’s Here!

Borrowing again on my vast array of literary resources, paraphrashing from 1979’s Steve Martin’s The Jerk:

Navin C.D.B. Johnson: The new spam book’s here! The new spam book’s here! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need! Casino, Pills, and Porn links in my blog! That really makes somebody! Things are going to start happening to me now.

Yes, a mark of blog distinction surely must be in attracting spammers, right?

That’s right, the spam roaches are rubbing their little antennae at my blog front door. Fortunately, WordPress keeps them all at bay, tossing them into the moderation queue, and a few at a time are easy enough to flush with one click. Sadly, I see the tide growing, and really do not want to waste my time getting notification of a new comment that provides irrelevant cruft like:

… when playing slot machines online or at a land based casino. I have 8 great tips that will help those of you that love to play roulette

So now I am pulling out the industrial size can of Raid in the form of the Three Strikes SPAM plugin that is a bit more aggressive and stomps the roaches out with a quiet THUD. So if your comment fails to make it here, it may be to many PPC words, links, smelly IPs, or other voodoo.

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