I was experimenting with the Jots.com bookmark and publish to weblog API, but as duly noted in comments by Will and James, it was turning my blog reading into more of a linkatorium:

I’d rather get it by subbing your Jots feed rather than your blog feed.

True, so I am shutting of the publishing of “Today’s Jots” and may set up the feed as a sidebar WordPress Page. I have been adding a few of these by setting up a few of my othe feeds to publish to the page via Feed2JS, such as my presentation RSS feed and another one I played with doing a feed for the technology articles from our bi-annually published MCLI forums (such much worth subscribing to the feed as its update change is twice a year, but RSS makes it handy to publish the summaries elsewhere).

On another front, I am still weighing where to prioritize my bookmarks.. while Jots was slick, and much more “responsive” than del.icio.us has been lately (price of fame), I have quite a legacy back at Furl. I like being able to search most of all… tags are interesting, but I get sloppy in my tagging.

The other thing I was monkeying with was trying to trim my RSS feeds to more like summaries, but I’ve reset those templates, so the RSS 2.0 feed gives you the full postings and the RSS 0.92 feed gives unformatted summaries. Pick and feed.

Thanks for the feedback. A blog, a life is just an experiment, so I am trying to keep tinkering at both.

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  1. Nothing. I felt a tiny ticlking sensation on my left arm, but they may just have been an itchy shirt.

    From what i can guess from http://www.jots.com/?cmd=view_groups “Bookmarks that are posted with privileged tags are viewable only by those users who are members of a privileged group. A privileged tag is one that is prefixed with an @ symbol, i.e. “@jots”. For every privileged tag, a privileged group is created and privileged users can be added to it.”

    If I am added to a group you created, I think you have to add that as a tag.

  2. I’m keeping on jotting… although something like a ‘post every other/third/fourth day’ option would be great.

    Am enjoying the experiement… no complaints at all!

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