Our center has a posted opening for an Instructional Designer position working with projects listed on the main MCLI web site.

If this sparks any interest, be sure to apply directly to the Maricopa HR department. Any resumes or materials sent to me will be automatically trashed, and I cannot provide any more information than what is in the job description and what you can find out about us on the web.

I will share an important note. This position is NOT one of designing instructional materials nor is it a technology developer/designer position. This is a leadership position, one of managing programs, coordinating large projects within and outside of our system, being a consultant to our colleges and faculty groups. This is not a position creating web pages, designing course materials, developing training materials for Blackboard etc.

The instructional design background is critical for being grounded in learning theory and the practice of teaching.

This is not a position for designing instructional materials.

Why would I be so annoyingly repetitive? We’ve gone through this hire a number of times over the years (some folks have moved on, a few times we never filled, a few did not work out), and over the years the pool has gotten very shallow on people with the strong ID background and overflowing with people selling their skills in PowerPoint, PhotoShop, WebCT, HTML, DreamWeaver. This is not a technology job, though basic skills in technology (e.g. communication, research, etc) are desired.

Despite the warnings, it’s a great place to work, there lots of new projects to tackle, it always changes, and Maricopa is a fantastic organization to b e a part of.

Oh, the opening closes on July 28, so polish up those ID resumes.

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