Do Blink? BlinkList Added to Bookmarklet Tools

Just found Yet Another Social Bookmark Tool- BlinkList offers site marking and tagging:

BlinkList is a tool that allows you to create a mental map of the internet of sites that are important to you. It’s a bookmarking manager designed to work in the same way your brain stores data and thinks about things. When we launch the full version in Oct 2005 BlinkList will be the most powerful bookmark manager in existence.

To boldly go where no bookmark manager has gone before! To Infinity and Beyond!

Yup, this makes number 17 of the bookmark sites available on the Make Your Own Multipost Bookmarklet Tool. How many are in your wallet?

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  1. Glad that you discovered BlinkList. I work on the team that is developing BlinkList and when I read your post, I had to start laughing out loud. I never even saw that copy on our site. I am guessing that it must have come from our PR Director. Ozzy tends to bark a little too much. Check out his picture and you will know what I mean.


    Happy blinking. 🙂


  2. Alan,

    I love the mult-site tool! I thought it was odd the form didn’t ask for a Blinklist username, but moved on. Sure enough, when I used my custom tool, it logged me into BlinkList as the CogDog. I cleaned up my mess when I discovered it but I thought you’d want to know.

    Thanks for all the great posts you make, cool tools you find, and neat stuff you share!


  3. Thanks Becky. That’s what happens when i try to do some quick code 15 minutes before leaving home for the airport.

    You are absolutely correct. The problem is that BlinkList’s bookmarklet, unlike any other out there, uses a cryptic code to identify a user account (unlike others whcih work eithe roff of the account name or checking a cookie for being logged in). I tried everything to work around it (no user id, user name for ID, USer=isername) and BlinkList barfed.

    Until they fix their site, you must make a bookmarklet on theor site, look at the JavaScript source, and find the secret code listed under Uid=XxXx.

    Mike- If you are reading this, please see if this can be addressed. It is an awkard approach. I could not even find an accounts setting where I could edit my site preferences.

  4. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for pointing out the problems with our bookmarklet tool. I have added this to our list so will look into it. If you are into AJAX, check out our new public page on http://www.blinklist.com. We now use AJAX for pagination (click on previous and next). Ciao. Mike

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