Whew! The guys down in the power department apparently flicked the switch on for Maricopa’s internet connection, (though email is still pending, but who the spam pile?). Wow, almost 28 hours without blogging, I almost have the shakes ;-)

While the blog was down, I came across the wildly dynamic Vox Delicii , Michal Migurski’s creation that in near realtime pulls from the del.icio.us “most poular” tagged sites and provides a visual representation of sites people are marking the most:

The stripes you see at top are a near-realtime cumulative view of popular sites posted to the Del.icio.us social bookmarking service… organized by date and popularity.

The size of each color chip refers to the relative amount of coverage an item has received on Del.icio.us Popular on a given day, based on hourly samples… The color refers to relative growth or decay on that day – an item that has gained mind-share since the previous day is green, while one that has lost is red (note: you can change the color scheme by using the color switcher widget at left). Color chips are arranged left-to-right, in the order of that link’s first appearance in Del.icio.us: the oldest items will be at left, and newer items are at right.

Clicking on a color chip shows a small graph of that link’s performance over the previous month. The title of the item will be accompanied by a “Read More” link – clicking this will take you to a record of all posts made to Del.icio.us for that particular link, such as this one for Del.icio.us itself. The “Top Names”, “Gainers” and “Losers” link lists can also be used to see this information.

Desciptions do not even describe it well nor does a snapshot:


As you click and explore color blocks, their histogram lines up below, and the graph shifts to show the same site over a span of time…

Well, I’ll stop trying to explain it- it is novel and cool Vox Delicii.

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