Left Over Blog Migration Tidbits

For some long lost reason, I was looking at my first WordPress entry from April 2005, following the easy and recommended migration from MovableTyoe.

First I had not responded to the comment about updating my Feedburner settings. Well, 4 months later, and I sprung into action, updating the blog URL, and making sure my links were now coming from del.icio.us rather than furl. I’ve tagged it into my WP templates, but my feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/cogdogblog is now up to date.

The other topic I never mentioned was dealing with the 2+ years of old entries at CogDogBlog 1.0. When I did my migration research, there were alot of methodologies for the migrate in place, where one tries to replicate all of the old Movable Type URLs into the new site, so there are no lost links.

My strategy was different. I left the old blog as is, although I did export all the entries and import them into the new Wp blog. But back on the old blog, I updated the MovableType Individual Entry template to insert a “forwarding address” link, for example see this entry from January 2005, where above the content is:

Note: CogDogBlog has a new WordPress powered home. All entries from this version have been moved there, so as a guide dog service try finding this article in its new home.

Rather than try and hack my way to a direct link to the actual WordPress version, my link goes to the search script for the WordPress version and inserts the title as the search parameters, yielding the result the goes to the CDB 2.0 version of the same post.

It is not the most brilliant approach but good enough. For those interested in the MovableType template code to do this, I used was:

Our complaint department has not had any feedback regarding this (although someone did turn in a lost sock)

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