“Yea! We’ve Killed the Curly Quotes”

WordPress has the annoying habit of displaying single and double quotes using pretty curly quotes (nice little balls on the end) which are fine for the page viewed, but they also shove them in RSS feeds, which can end up rendered as all kinds of odd characters (question marks). It also crops up when you copy content from an MS Word document, more than quotes, dashes, ellipses, and more all have odd encodings when yanked out of Word…

I’ve killed curly quotes (with a little help from the web).

It took a few links from googling wordpress +curly +quotes a few misses in the WordPress Support Forums where more people are asking how…. finally finding the answer here based on the tip from scriptygoddess.

To do this, you need to edit your wp-includes/default-filters.php and comment out these line as shown below (put a # before them so they are ignored):

Well, I *think* it works by peeking at my feed and how it is displayed elsewhere. Hopefully there are no un-intended consequences. Death to Curly Quotes! (in feeds)

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