We’ve Cracked the Bottom 500

Sure, almost anyone can be one of the Feedster Top 500 blogs, but we are proud of their private message assuring us we were firmly based in the counter part Bottom 500, based on our poor spelling, endless babbling, dog obsession, weak grammar, and the fact we live in a warm climate.


So we do not get a web badge.

Is anyone flashing back to the mid 1990s when someone dreamed up the Top 5% designation? Something like 50% of the web was in that Top 5, and it started a whole proliferation of other web badge programs. Heck, I have a whole pile of old web badge awards laying around here.

So it looks like a boomerang fad is coming back around. At least this time, Feedster is using some sort of data to make the designation.

I am workin the most hardesst to keeps Us in the celler. Yup.

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