The first rule of FlickrTagFightClub is we do not talk about FlickrTagFightClub… nah, talk about it. Blog about it.

See FlickrTagFight, a site that lets you compare two tags, side by side, head to head, in a knock down, winner take all tag fight– see how “Man vs Machine”:


And it’s not even close! Machines lose by a landslide, a TKO!

Yet, we must dispute the cat vs dog results:


Sure, if you go by sheer numbers, the felines squeak out a win, but just look at those images- do you really think the cats take on the dogs?

More flickr frivolty– interesting, maybe not of major intrinsic value, but again showing the power of opening up system APIs to the creative minds out here… So, what tags will you set up to fight?

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