Piling On EduBlogs

I’m trying to give James a hand at bumping up the number of new sites at Edublogs.org by a factor of 10. I emailed a message to our distribution list for our Ocotillo Online Learning Group letting them new this was available. I’ve heard more people talk about, or actually try blogging in all of the last two years, its like sitting on an inflection point.

The basic message was:

Do you hear more and more people are talking about blogging? Don’t know where to start? If the word and practice is strange, start by looking at Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed (http://www.weblogg-ed.com/)

If you are curious enough and want a free place to practice and try it out, see the new hosted service Edublogs.org (http://edublogs.org) offering free service for educators.

You can create your own unique URL like http://elvis.edublogs.org/ and have the use of one of the better blog software platforms, WordPress, offering more features and flexibility than Blogger.com.

I think for people that have been scratching their heads at blogs or trying to gauge what they do, this will have a wide appeal since it provides access to a much ore powerful vehicle than Blogger, and it looks like it is creating a nice community of fellow edubloggers, many of them first timers.

Less than 40 minutes after sending the email (remember this is summer when supposedly faculty are at the beach or sipping wine in France), Rick Effland from Mesa Community College shared his new Wuyi Connection blog which will feature his writings as well as his students at Wuyi University in China.

Blogs on Fire!

Maybe I should grab that Elvis URL if it is still around 😉

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  1. Wow…thanks for the nice link…and thanks for the great blogging of late. You could just as easily point to yourself when giving blogging guidance ;0)

    And, one more thanks for the link to Feed Digest. Looks cool. Way too many fun tools for one human to handle.

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