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SAC 2005 Session on Collaboration Tools

"Everybody say, I give permission to post my image on flickr!"

Well, there is no way I am blogging my own session… that is someone elses job! This was the wild and open range discussion on “Collaboration Tools: What’s Out There?” and it was a great showing for the last day of the conference. We got all over the map of wikis, social bookmark tools, tagging, FERPA, instructional use of these tools…

I was honored to be part of this session with technology all stars Phillip Long and Stephen Downes.

There are some extensive notes (to be attached) taken by Cyprien Lomas here in SubEthaEdit with remote collaboration by Nick Noakes in Hong Kong. I ahd some links and resources set up in a wiki at:, and Stephen was recording the whole session with an MP3 recorder (it got even more circuituos as Stephen was broadcasting it live via Skype to Nick Noakes in Hong Kong).

It was too bad that Tim Lauer got called away because I wanted to do a live iChat video session so he could tell these higher ed types what his elementary school kids are doing now with wikis, blogs, etc… the “next net gen” Thanks anyhow, Tim, I gave you a good plug! (Sorry, Teemu, I did not have a chance to Skype in to you).

It was a fun and fast session that still seemed to just touch on the wealth of ideas and conversations we could have on the “new” tools. Hopefully the point was subtly made that it is dynamic, evolving, and happening right now in the net space.

Even if you do not like or believe in tags, there is some Technorati coverage on SAC2005.

Notes provided via SubEthaEdit (thanks Cyprien Lomas and Nick Noakes) P.S. PC users should check out MoonEdit for a similar tool.

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