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It’s already past the time when our building empties out and I’m still pounding the keys here. With the start-up of the fall semester, many programs/projects needing support, a poaching and leak of our office staff, all is leading to things just piling up on the plate.

I think I would rather have this plate of barbecue (another fine tasty, free, no need to ask about how to use piece of digital media from the flickr creative commons collection. If you edtechies do nothing more, turn your peers and faculty on this painless way to find interesting media under the big neon light that says, “Free! You don;t Have to Ask! Re-Use Me! Just give Me Attribution!”)

Okay, coming up, in a completely meaningless-to-anyone-other-than-me audience I am outlining the things that have been on my plate recently, as well as the things back in the kitchen that are lined up for the plate. (I think there is a grease fire back there).

This is not to mean anything but a brain dump for me, and a case of where my blogging is solely for my own record keeping– a milepost for seeing what I can focus on going forward.

This may include posts on:
* Updating the function and user tools for our database web calendar that drives about 20 sites
* Creation of a new database online RSVP system for all of our events/workshops
* An online tool for providing individualized feedback to more than 600 session reviews for 120 people from our May Ocotillo retreat
* A suite of tools for our Ocotillo cochairs to ad content directly to our event and resource database
* Launching a first non Maricopa MLX for our Teacher Ed program (its got about 80% functionality, but enough for them)
* 5 new Dialogue Day Sites
* 2 sites for Ocotillo kickoff activities, one of which required coding a “mini flickr” a stripped doen version of a photo sharing app
* Setting up the online reporting tools for our Faculty Professional Growth summer projects program

On the back burner, moving foward maybe in the next 10-12 weeks:
* Updates for Feed2JS (is there enclosure support in the future? will it go open source completely?)
* Much needed updates for our Maricopa Learning eXchange, and finally getting an open source version of it out the door (maybe right into the trash can?)
* Another campaign to rustle up MLX content
* Developing the technology for our online version of our retiring print publication (looks like it will be powered by WordPress)

But wait, there’s more!

I’m gonna stop as there is a lot of smoke billowing from the back burner now. I hear sirens. And the health department.

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