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You Have Been Warned!
You Have Been Warned!
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I was too scard to take a photo of this fearsome fish.

This hand made sign from a local aquarium (Acuario Cet-Mar) in Puerta Peñasco, Mexico, might be part of a new WordPress theme that may be applied here ;-)

My friends told me stories of some tourist fool previously who disregarded the sign and found out how much the dog snapper fish does bite. It really was not easy to get a good picture, but the big fish with the bad reputation has some sad puppy eyes.

The weekend in Mexico was just what the doctor ordered, lots of sun, R&R, and no conputers or interent. The beach, ocean kayaking, the cervezas, and jumbo shrimp for every meal were highlights, not to mention the view parasailing.

See the rest of the flickr-ed evidence.

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