Pour Some RawSugar On Your Bookmarks

Just when we thought the net was full to the brim with social bookmark tools, comes another new kid on the block: RawSugar:

RawSugar enables you to save and tag all your favorite web pages and then later find the one need in seconds. Why is this so important? Think of how many times you forgot the name of a restaurant, place or event you’re trying to remember and can’t locate the right web page with the information you need.

Saving pages on the web with RawSugar means you can find them in seconds just by remembering a couple of key words. Perhaps your looking for a cafe in San Francisco. Just search for San Francisco cafes and RawSugar displays all the web pages tagged San Francisco and cafes. Looking through the list you’ll find the ones you’ve saved. With RawSugar you can easily save everything worth saving: travel destinations, hobby sites, kid’s birthday places, physicians, architects, piano teachers, favorite recipes, professional and business-related resources… you name it!

Actually it looks at quick glance to be as featured as any other one. It has nice way of suggesting tags (some AJAX tag completion is mixed in the sugar?). My mini gripe is the JavaScript bookmarklet tool does not have a way of grabbing the highlighted text in the targeted web page as a default content for its “Notes” field (the site description). This necessitates the window swapping task of cutting and pasting a description from the original site. It takes almost no extra programming weight to provide this feature. I have hacked some other ones by combing through the source page of the add site form, but Raw Sugar had so much JavaScript and other obfuscated code I could not even begin to dabble.

I quickly made an account (I only have 14 of these things), and was able to export my del.icio.us bookmarks as XML and import them into the RawSugar jar… well, it got most of them. It’s a big pile, and there was some obscure proxy error message.

But that does give me good pause to think about what a Good Thing it is that data can be this transportable… I’ve shlepped stuff from furl to del.icio.us from linked my spurl to del.icio.us… shouldn’t more data be as movable? So now I have added RawSugar to my hefty Site Submission Bookmarklet Maker.

So a thumbs up on RawSuga, though I doubt I will do much marking in it now. My only complaint is as being a diabetic of having an aversion to the name– but then again, I doubt one would get far with a site based on “Aspartame” or “Sucralose”.. so I guess the closing phrase is… “sweeeeeeeeeeet”.

Tip of the Blog Hat to “Mr Small Pieces” a.k.a Joho The Blog.

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