Woogle uses Google Image search to turn phrases into pictures:

Woogle is a search toy based on the ever popular Google Image Search. It creates image messages out of the words in the phrase you entered. The URLs are obfuscated so that you can pass them to your friends without them being able to read the message till they view the page. We hope you enjoy passing cryptic image messages!

So for example, we could play some rebus like games… what is the message:


Stumped? Well woogle-link it!

Now this is fine and silly, but maybe there are some creative ways to come up with a string of images and have your students test their interpretation of it.

One thing, Woogle seems to always use the same image for a word… must be the top result. So dog always gets you the same cartoon where I think the yellow labrador at spot number 2 would be better. Or even better, a Woogle option to generate a ramdom image for a word.

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