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Multipost Bookmarklet Tool Gets a Cleaning

Thanks to an email from Ralph in Austria, I updated the bookmarklet tool for Simpy on my Multipost Bookmarklet Tool, the cheesy script I made for combining multiple social bookmark tools into one.

Since these days I have pared my tool set down to one tasty tool, I have no idea if the others have gone bad or changed. As Ralph pointed out, my page did not have an easy way to contact me, so I have added hopefully obvious links to my standard web feedback form.

Also, I did go in and discover that the tool for Blinklist no longer required a cryptic coded user id, so that one is also updated. And I removed my own Bag of URLs site because (a) it really is not a social bookmark tool; and (b) because 90% of the submissions were spam, and the other 10% were all me, I changed the form to require a password.

So the current toolbox contains:

If you know that the tools for these sites need a tweak or that there are other social bookmark tools that ought to be here (meaning sites that offer free accounts for adding/tagging web sites, and have a JavaScript browser tool for submitting new sites), let me know.

Finally, ironically, this is one of those precious little web gifts… the fact that Ralph from Austria, someone I do not know or have ever corresponded with, went out of his way to help improve this little gizmo. A few weeks ago when our IT department was tracking down some suspicious activity on this server, they were quite baffled why sites in Europe, Asia, Africa were visiting this web server in Arizona. I think they missed the “world” part of the WWW.

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