MacEnvy? Go FlyakiteOSX!

Pity the 96% of the computing world stuck in virus infected, human interface rejected, bug detected operating systems. They act like they like it, but often the Freudian slips are visible. But you don;t have to wait for an Intel powered Mac to get the Aqua groove– there is FlyakiteOSX:


The web site for this OSX emulator is also an OSX emulator, all done with CSS, JavaScript, and groovy graphics. Once you “log in”, you get a desktop:


which you can see has its own animated dock. You can open up the apps, skim the finder, leave stickies, move things around, (the iTunes emulator never connected to a playlist):


Yes, I know Stephen will comment back in seconds with some derogatory remark about Macs, but beyond that, if you look just at the web site and how it is rendered, its a great kick in the sites to your Web x.0 sites. Look again at the images above, they are all rendered in a browser (and the screenshots were taken on my Dell laptop).

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