How To Waste A Full Day

Whew. Due to some malicious activity that wormed its way onto this server, we had to yank it off the network yesterday. Today was spent re-installing the OS, tripping over apache settings, trying to get those *#&$^ obscure perl modules working for some &#*#* old MovableType blogs running here.

My regrets to web sites hosed while our Feed2JS was offline. I am really really really really sorry, and can only shrug and say this is reall really really really an impact of my having a technical staff of 1.0 (me) to do all of our web site development… and this gets hampered when some ^#&$$ monkeys around with my servers.

Unfortunately, when our server tanks there’s no quick ways to let users know. FYI, the information below would be useful to file away for future catastrophes as it contains alternative Feed2JS mirror site URLs that can be substituted when this happens. I need to review again the set up of this site, and am thinking about hosting all the project info on a SourceForge site (they do not allow us to run the feed service).

This message went to people who emailed asking about the server. Keep and file cause if this server goes down, so does this blog entry:

Our “jade” server that hosts the Feed2JS service (http://feed2js.org/) has apparently been compromised and engaging in inappropriate amounts of network traffic. Our security team has been monitoring this for a week and at this point, I recommended the server be taken off the network until we can rebuild/eradicate the problem. It may take a few hours to a few days.

That said, any site using one of our JavaScript feed embedder will either hang or fail to load. To compensate, I can only suggest that they substitute in their JavaScript embedded feeds and replace this part of the feed string:


with one of the external mirror sites:


I deeply regret the inconvenience that is/will cause and recognize the scale of its use is likely beyond my single server and minimal server expertise.

If some benevolent organization out there has the server horsepower and technical savvy to be the primary host, I’d be glad to move it elsewhere. I had been meaning to post the code on SourceForge (but it cannot host the public service there) but this is yet another thing on the growing “todo list”.

Please pass this on to others that may not be aware of our outage. It may be days or perhaps a few hours to hoist it again, I am not sure. It also means a muzzling of CogDogBlog, a much less critical loss.



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  1. It provided a good case for ePortfolio RSS sidebars to make sure our timeouts were set appropropriately for inaccessible feed URLs (they are now!). So it was just a tad beneficial :)

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