I’m liking adding some audio recordings of our Ocotillo Online Learning Group monthly meetings to the notes. It should add value for people who cannot drive to a meeting. I’ve just posted the notes from our November 4 meeting about Testing Centers for Online Students.

But we sure are not talking about high end ITConversations like production value. The recording is quick and dirty by placing my iRiver MP3 recorded in front of the room. It does well for speakers and can mostly pick up, though faint, questions from elsewhere in a classroom sized location. I decided to join the fray and add a little bit of introduction, using a Creative Commons audio instrumental I found by “Cjacks” at OpSound and me doing a cheesy quick intro into Audacity with my USB headset microphone. I am hoping Gardner Campbell does not listen in as he will recoil in audio disgust at my hurried editing work. I am an amateur.

But they are online, along with PDF versions of the presentations, and as a podcast set up. I really like providing the NiftyPlayer (a Flash MP3) player for making it listenable right on the web page. I lifted that idea right from the EDUCAUSE Podcasts.

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