Late Breaking News LOM/RDF/IEEE/DC/ZZZZZ

Albert IP, from Random Walk in E-Learning reports today

At the most recent LOM (Learning Object Metadata) WG meeting in Orlando, it was decided that the work on the LOM RDF binding will be discontinued. The reason quoted is the formation of a new taskforce between IEEE LOM and Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

And in a related story submitted as a crumpled blurry fax obscured with unidentified beverage stains bearing the name of L. Lighips:

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We believe Señor Lighips had some help from a generator

It’s not the sole reason, but I think on one many that learning objects have floundered on the shores of Great Ideas That Sound Good on Paper because to understand it, one needs to speak the technical jargon. Thus the LOMs and RDFs and other TLAs limit the conversations and understanding to the techies on the far sigma ends of the distribution curve.

I could be deadly wrong– maybe just around the corner, all learning content will be magically and easily assembled from tiny little nuggets that will be reusable, plentiful and provide us coalescing streams of micropayments. When that happens, I will post a retraction.

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