The CD is here! As the tale told previously goes, a rock band in Germany named The Sealevel somehow found my photo of my 1972 Ford Maverick parked next to a “Sea Level” sign in Death Valley and asked if it could be used on the cover of their CD.

I just popped by my PO Box and sure enough, Berni sent a copy of the CD, Beach from Last Summer:

and as promised, I got a photo credit in the liner notes:


And the music is pretty good too! Peppy, modern beach rock music. I’ve already got it iTuned over to my iPod. Check out the band and their music at

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  1. Wow! Somehow The Sealevel made it back to where they stem from. Glad, you liked the record. And countless thanks for the artwork. Next album, you’re on again, Alan. All the best. Berni & The Sealevel.

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