Virtually Yours Spam

How do I love the Spam Karma 2 WordPress Plug-in, let me count the ways. How about 695? Which is the net catch so far. It hardly ever misses, and catches most with my even having to lift a finger or click a mouse. If you are running a WordPress blog and not using SK2, you are missing out big time. It is a work of technical art.

But sometimes when dumping the trash (they look so pathetic snared in the traps), I find a spam attempt that is almost worth a snicker. The eloquence of these words just blew me away:

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It sounds like this spammer really really virtually gambling online poker video virtually cares about me and my troubles! I have this perpetual gambling online poker video virtual need for fulfillment. I really am a gambling online poker video virtual lucky person to have gambling online poker video virtual friends like this.

Ahhh, the smell of SK2 Naplam frying spam in the morning. Virtually, indeed.

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  1. I got spam karma for my WP blog based on your post way back in July, I think it was.

    I have never been happier than when I get to see the spam SK has saved my blog from. I shouldn’t gloat — I’m sure spammers will be able to fool SK one day. But so far, so good.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’m curious to know; how long did your blog stay spam free? Mines been running since March now and I’ve only had random spamming (not more than 2 or 3 a month). I have Word Press’s blacklist turned on as well as limiting the comments to no more than three hyperlinks. So far so good, but I know the honeymoon will be ending soon.

  3. I am not free of Spam, Ben, I am less burdened by the hassles. Specifically, this is due to the great technology of the Spam Karma 2 plugin:

    SK2 uses several methods (and the setting are customizable) including blacklists, whitelists, spammer databases, to assign a comment or trackback a number of “Karma” points. Anything above a threshold of negative karma is trapped and held for you to discard in batch, and you get a weekly notice that provides links for managing the catches.

    I have had no false positives in more than several months. You do get comments with maybe one link sneak through, but when you moderate them via WordPress normal moderation tool, SK2 is also noting them as bad karma for future reference.

    SK2 makes it more managable and more automated.

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