A Tale of Two Hung PCs

Last night, I was using my wife’s PC laptop to test a web site in Internet Explorer, which nicely reminded my that 11 Critical Updates were needed. After running these and restarted, the machine was totally frozen about 90% into the startup sequence. It was toast. Stretching my minimal PC rescue skills, I was able to reboot in Safe Mode (F8), and use System Restore to roll it back to a version from 2 months ago. That was a relief when it came back. I doubt I will trust Windows Update again. We just need the laptop to eek out a few more months. Maybe I can convince the Mrs to get an iBook ;-)

meanwhile at work, my Dell laptop surprised me last week when it hung on a restart, with a lovely DOS like warning of a corrupt SYSTEM file. I left it with our IT help desk, and I got a message that they could`not revive the patient. Fortunately, I keep nothing of importance on there, and only now face the deal of re-installing my preferred apps (Thunderbird, FireFox).

If you have not backed up recently, stop reading this and do so now.

I want to be a farmer.

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  1. “I want to be a farmer.”

    Hail. Drought. Grashoppers. Wheat rust. Floods. Drought. Bad prices. Mad cow disease. Fire. Drought.

    That’s this year.

    Still want to be a farmer?

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