She Was Out Sick the Day They Handed Out Common Sense

It’s wonderful when real people can utter statements that go beyond what someone’s imagination can conjure up.

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, a city known for its luxury resorts, endless seas of golf courses, ritzy art galleries, giant mansions (who truly requires 15,000 square feet of living space), monster SUVs, etc. The money increases as one heads north through the city; our home (1200 square feet) in a south working class neighborhood helps keep the median income from going to far into the stratosphere.

In today’s paper was a story on a rash of break-ins of luxury SUVs, how thieves are cleverly disabling car alarms by cutting battery cables, and drilling into panels to sever door releases. A police spokesperson described one woman whose vehicle was broken into twice in two weeks since it was not parked in the garage (I would guess this is a place with a 4 car garage that could swallow our house whole). The woman parked her SUV out in front of her home, even after police suggested it would be safer parked in the garage.

Her response to the suggestion was…

But my neighbors won’t be able to see my Hummer.

Utterly amazing.

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