Yahoo-ing the Multipost Bookmarklet Tool

Thanks to an email nudge from “Jamie”, I’ve added Yahoo My Web 2.0 to the set of social bookmark tools you can combine into one browser tool via the Make Your Own Multipost Bookmarklet Tool.

For those not even sure what all this means, I built a page that allows you to pick all the bookmark tools you might use (del.icio.us, furl, simpy, and like another 12 more), and combine their JavaScript add site browser buttons into one… This means, while viewing a site you want to add, you can populate several sites via one click. This was done solely in my own interest at a time when I was using more than one.

It was about 2 minutes of work to add Yahoo as it is a pretty clean JavaScript. The only thing it lacks that others have, is the ability to also submit the chunk of text currently highlighted by mouse in the browser as a pre defined value for the “notes” field (generally the site description). I use this all the time with del.icio,us, and avoids the back and forth of copy/pasting a description in.

I must admit I’ve hardly spent time with the new Yahoo stuff (I even forgot I had an account there), but it is a dizzying array of customizations one can make, and definitely is a powerful rip-mixer of content form multiple sources.

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  1. Alan – thanks for creating this bookmarklet. IE would not let me drag it to my toolbar, but it worked in Firefox. It worked perfectly, and it is a pretty cool tool. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Steven. I had yet to test on IE as nothing really changed from previous code that worked there. I’ll get to it after the year end.

    I hate IE. I believe in an alternate technology universe where it commands 4% of the browser market.

    Oops, I need a blue pill.

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