MCLI iForum Released

We announced to Maricopa today the availability of our MCLI iForum at

This is the first online version of the print publication we’ve run for many years.


This is all built in WordPress. Our hope for upcoming issues is to have people submit drafts remotely, but with a time press, we had folks send drafts as email and word docs. However, internally, we used WP to do the cleanup editing, and that worked out well.

As much as possible, we tried to get away from the tone of third person dry reporting, and aimed for some more reflective type articles. We are encouraging with some leading questions (ahem, outsiders welcome too) comments/feedback via the comment box. I’ve used the subscribe to comments plugin to make sure all authors get notification.

Features include:

  • Student Success and the Building of Involving Educational Communities by Dr. Vincent Tinto – this was a previously written article we were given permission to republish. Tinto is a speaker at a January event here, so it ties in to local interests.
  • Five Faculty Learn About the Net Generation – we paid registration for 5 folks to attend an EDUCAUSE seminar here in August, and writing up their ideas was a requirment (they are also available in our Maricopa Learning eXchange. A neat thing was Holly McKinzie Beene’s copying of the EDCUAUSE 7 Things format, to create a & Things You Should Know About My Communications Class.
  • Special Assistant to the Chancellor: Reflections and Musings from a Faculty Guinea Pig – had some fun with one written by my former Director (who rolled the dice and hired me); using some flicr images and a audio clip that demonstrates how busy she is.
  • The Pursuit of Wisdom and the Future of Education bu Rio Salado faculty Tom Lombardo; again a reprise of a longer paper he published elsewhere; we augmented it with an audio interview.
  • Fine Arts Roundup featuring a promotional video done to highlight the various arts program at Maricopa.
  • Wakonse: The Gift of Friendship and Professional Growth – reflections from faculty who participated in this professional development experience offered by Arizona State University (and great photos shared)
  • Student Reflections on Honors Forums – in past issues we have just listed the pictures, bios, and titles of speakers at our Honors Forum Lecture Series; but we turned this around and collected some essays and excerpts from discussion board postings as students share their experiences at the event. We’ve also added audio excerpts from two of the Fall 2005 events.
  • Grants Spotlight: Bilingual Basic Patient Assessment Video – An audio interview with faculty Mauro da Fonte who describes a video created as part of his Learning Grant (an internal grants program); also includes excerpts from his video project.
  • Reusable Learning Objects: RLO The Movie – Our Ocotillo co-chairs share video from a League For Innovation presentation they did that shares their efforts over the last year of spreading interest and information about RLOs
  • David Weaver’s Tablet-ing Experience an audio interview where David shares his experience sharing MagicPaper and Classroom Presenter with other Arizona physics faculty
  • Wikifying a Workshop where an audio interview with Rio Salado College librarian Janelle Underhill reveals her interest in an activity Brian Lamb presented here last April, and how she adapted it for her own workshop (and how we dealt with the internet and the wiki going down over that weekend)
  • Big Teacher is Watching Shelley Rodrigo poses some ethical questions about her project aiming to use screen capture software to evaluate student’s experience in usability of web sites.

On the first day we had a grand total of one comment posted… well there were two other spams submitted. I decided to make all comments moderated, so keep your pills, porns, and casino stuff in your own house.

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