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Web Design Reason #10,375 To Hate Internet Explorer

PT Barnum’s rule lives alive and well that the buggiest, most inexplicable, frustrating (tabless) Web browser in terns of its refusal to follow Web Standards has the most users.

Again, I have found that my time in web design is spent:

* 30% developing a solid design in a web-standard browser such as FireFox
* 70% testing and coding in hacks and fixes for things Internet Explorer does for no sane reason

The latest is that applying a solid 20px border on the left side of a blockquote class causes all content following to be shifted left, out of view, by 20px, as if I applied a negative margin. Removing the border clears the problem. Putting the border on the top, right, or bottom, clears the problem.

A browser with voodoo.

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  1. hi!

    i was googling to find th “IndyJunior” download site – unfortunatelly it’s homepage isn’t working.. i get timeouts all the time.. luckily, i found you using this flash, so, i’m just wondering, is it possible for you to send me a pack of this app? i’ll be thankful!


  2. This is probably stupid and mean, but there’s got to be one or two lines you can stick in your page code to shut all IE windows on your visitor’s computer. Of course, whenever I use use the internet at the library, I’m forced to use explorer.


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