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Conference In a Bag

Obligatory Conference Bag Shot

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Sunny San Diego, fresh ocean breeze, how much better can it get?

I slipped into town this afternoon for the EDUCAUSE ELI Annual conference, picked up the bag, and performed a past ritual.

But bags aside, it’s off to a galactic start. I met up Brian Lamb this afternonn and we mulled over our session for tomorrow. Actually we ended up talking about other stuff, feeling like this was pretty un-rehearsable, and just recorded some ancillary audio to add at a later date.

The strategic planning continued over liquid assets at a nearby establishment, before appearing at the conference eopening reception.

Already a highlight is getting to meet F2F with two bloggers I respect, read, and steal links from: Gardner Campbell (not to be confused with author Campbell D. Gardner) and Bryan Alexander who bears an uncanny resemblence to author Dr. Brian Alexander Strutgasky. It’s an honor to be among this crowd, and it was very cool to know and greet so many other colleagues here. It’s a good buzz so far.

We joined a group of 10 others trolley-ing it out to Old Town San Diego for a fun meal, though this was not the night for the penultimate fish taco.

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  1. Tonight, tonight … Why does “West Side Story” come to mind in this context? You don’t even look like Natalie Wood.

    Great meeting you f2f at last, Alan. A good buzz indeed. As Spicoli says, “craft your buzz.” (Something not unlike “feed your head.”)

    This conference is too short!

  2. Huzzahs to you Alan. It was great we were able to enjoy a relaxed run-up to the event for once.

    But I thought I warned you about usage of ‘penultimate’…

    Craft your buzz. Nice riff, Gardo.

  3. Thanks fellas- it’s been great to have a days+ worth of conversations with all of the commenters here.

    And thanks Brian, I get it. I need to keep my vocabularly to smaller words I really understand 😉 I want the best freakin fish taco this city has!

  4. I hope the fish taco dream has finally come true, Alan. You’ve been living the dream for so long.

    I’ve seen the WSS zombie re-edit. Very cool, though my fave is still the Shining re-edit.

    Everything I know I learned from Amy Heckerling and “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.” Amazing to think that the paperback copy I bought in downtown SD in 1993 for about seven bucks is now worth close to a hundred. A true classic, and a tidy investment. 🙂

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