The word has sneaked out a bit earlier than Brian and I had planned on the flickr-housed presentation we are doing Monday at the EDUCAUSE ELI meeting in San Diego.

Beyond the Blog: ready For Prime Time was pitched at a look at where weblogs have gone since (slightly?) passing the novelty “aren’t the just sad teen diaries” stage, as well as their edges diffusing into other sorts of interesting social software.

Actualy the title and 2 sentences were all we had until maybe last week, when we started cranking together an outline using Writely which to me is utterly, insanely great.

Somewhere we tooled up the idea of doing a sci fi theme, and then down this silly road of creating some mock book covers, loosely (hopefully extremely loosely, and meant as respectful satire) based on some real titles, reconstructing the images using Creative Commons licenced flickr images. We had some fun with our blogging colleagues, by mangling their names into fake authorship,

Beyond the main slides, each with its own flickr tag, we hoped to hang ancillary example slides, and with enough volume, be able to provide different “tag” paths through the pile of stuff.

Really we had not more than the fun slides, which really are a diversion to get my creative juics flowing, when a flickr-accident inadvertantly gave a wake up call down in the Blue Mountains of Australia. And then our efforts were made public before we were quite ready.

“So do we clamp down? Mark ’em all as private?” Hide ’em?” No. Brian and I live by the open net, and we will leave our half to more than half undone work flapping in the web breeze. So that was how we ended up with the additional fake movie poster to provide an upfrant warning.

And then we started down a slippery path of trying to cram gazillions of examples in as a Link-A-Torium, before we reeled in and aimed more in Monday’s show, to try and provoke some discussion and conversation about how these not so scifi technologies can be “real world” in education.

We did plan a pre-presentation announcement, as we’d like to invite you, our blog reading audience (Hi Mom!), to not just chuckle at the the images, but post comments, use the flickr Notes tool to annotate the pictures.
It’s all there at

With luck, we will also have the live session audio recorded for playback and use in chasing racoons. So if you are not in San Diego for the ELI meeting, you can still get something out of this (or just click on by).

Remember, we are both largely making this up as we go– Brian and I have no special advantage or leg up on thousands of others out there in Blog land.

Lastly, we had set this up via a semi-disposable Yahoo account, but rest assured, the search for the perfect fish taco is a serious cause.

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