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Where Do All The Books Grow?

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Books, Books, Books
Books, Books, Books
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Where do all the books come from that find their way to a thrift store in Flagstaff?

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Maybe 1 or 2 readers may recall I’ve been doing all my personal book purchases at thrift stores. Sometimes, staring at a room stuffed full of books available for 25 cents each, how each one represents the intense labor and grand hopes of almost as countless authors.

And beyond that, how many authors out there are not represented as they were not “lucky” enough to get their work in dead tree mode?

I have unlimited respect for anyone who goes through the arduous taskl of putting their ideas from imagination to paper. They dream big, of making an impact, of affecting others, of sharing ideas that might matter to someone else… hey, it sounds like blogging?

But do their dreams include lining the shelf of HodgePodge Thrift Store in Flagstaff, Arizona (a great place that benefits a local hospice)? Is that really a bad thing?

So many questions, so many books to scan, so many quarters to spend.

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