I’m trying to spend some time offline, resting for 5 days in the quiet little town of Strawberry, AZ. The last 4 weeks has been about the most travel packed ever, and between not being here, and trying to keep up with the stuff here, I’m a bit netted out.

There’s piles of web sites back at Maricopa to patch. Out IT people, on their own,without notice, implemented some sort of Apache security patch that is torpedo-ing just about every perl script I have (have not done perl since 2000, but we have a lot of not so golden oldies, plus this affect the smattering of MovableType sites.) The refuse to explain what it does, what if affords, except I have to try to explain why our web sites respond with “403 Forbidden”.

I did manage to spend a whole day w/o opening the laptop. I may go a few more.

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