Like Scott, i believe I was tagged too by Sir D’Arcy. (Hah Scott, I’m not letting you kill the game of tag!)

Four jobs I’ve had
– Laying the lines for little league baseball (very crooked ones at that)
– Soil Compaction Tester
– Running a golf driving range (yes, driving the cart that all you yahoos aimed at)
– Campus mail delivery

Four movies I can (and do) watch over and over
Forrest Gump
The Bridge over the River Kwai (“Madness! Madness!”)
Memento (there is something new each time)
Ben Hur

Four places I’ve lived
– Baltimore, MD (started)
– Newark, DE
– Los Alamos, NM (9 of the weirdest months of my life)
– Flagstaff, AZ (almost heaven)

Four TV shows I(‘ve) love(d)
– Lost (I am hooked, and cannot let go)
– Six Feet Under (ditto, thanks to DVDs, no HBO here)
– M*A*S*H
– Twilight Zone

Four places I’ve vacationed
– Vancouver Island
– South Island of New Zealand (is heaven)
– Grand Gulch (backpack days)
– Northern New Mexico (road trip)

Four of my favorite dishes
– steamed Chesapeake Bay Crabs
– Thrashers french fries from Ocean City, MD
– my wife’s chimichangas (baked not fried)
– New York steak on my barbecue

Four sites I visit daily
– My personalized Google home page
MLX (just in case someone actually submitted something)
– not many, i spend to much time in my RSS

Four places I would rather be right now
– at my cabin in Strawberry, AZ
– Floating down the Colorado River
– Any beach on the Coromandel, NZ
– Spring time in the Sonoran desert

Four books (or series) I love
Desert Solitaire
The Brave Cowboy
The River Why
The Crossing

Four video games I can (and do or did) play over and over
– Yikes, I have hardly played any video games in my life. I had a mild early 1980s addiction to Ms Pac Man.

Four bloggers I am tagging
I will tag some Bloggers I crossed paths with at Northern Voice:

The meme lives, you Victoria maniac!

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  1. Hey, so I was going to say Gump too but I chickened out – within a day of almost every single major emotional event of my adult live I end up turning on the tube and freaking Forrest Gump is on, and I always get sucked into watching it.

    And I’m glad to see Cormac McCarthy on your list – if you ever want a truly mind-bending southern gothic read, try his Suttree ( – was my first exposure to him and I promptly started guzzling shine out of a mason jar all the rest of that summer. Cheers, Scott

  2. Posthegemony’s not really a meme-friendly blog, so if you’ll forgive me I’ll take up space in your comments…

    Four jobs I’ve had
    – working in the perfumery department of a large department store
    – barman
    – testing the UK cellphone network (best job ever)
    – professor

    Four movies I can (and do) watch over and over
    – The 400 Blows
    – Traffic
    – Walker
    – Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Four places I’ve lived
    – Manchester, England
    – Durham, NC
    – Aberdeen, Scotland
    – Vancouver, BC

    Four TV shows I(’ve) love(d)
    – Seinfeld
    – Newsnight
    – The Day Today
    – Peep Show

    Four places I’ve vacationed
    – Spitzbergen
    – Tierra del Fuego
    – Calfornia
    – New Zealand

    Four of my favorite dishes
    – pasta and pesto
    – beef carpaccio
    – Ben & Jerry’s
    – macaroni cheese

    Four sites I visit daily

    Four places I would rather be right now
    – Asuncion, Paraguay
    – New York, NY
    – City Lights bookstore, San Francisco
    – the Kro Bar, Manchester

    Four books (or series) I love
    – Ricardo Piglia, Artificial Respiration
    – Robert McLiam Wilson, Eureka Street
    – James Ellroy, American Tabloid
    – Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Capitalism and Schizophrenia

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