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Pass the Sulfur, Please
Pass the Sulfur, Please
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Most folks who have been to the Vancouver waterfront have likely marveled at this yellow mound- a ferry ride, a lot of pixels, and some cropping got me a nice closeup.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m packing the bags for a week far away from the dry desert (112 days+ since rain, and the state is one big itching tinderbox).

I will spend a week in Vancouver, partly to attend the Northern Voice 2006 conference, partly to visit colleagues at UBC and elsewhere, and mainly just to hang out with friends in one of my favorite cities.

No, I am not going to have time this year to freestyle the sulfur pile.

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  1. The next Sakai conference is in Vancouver. I’ve never been and I’m looking forward to it just for the location (maybe a few sessions as well). You should come, some of your Maricopa coleagues are usually there, and Sakai could use your wide-eyed and sensible input. Oh wait, can you be wide-eyed and sarcastic at the same time?

  2. wait – we’re not going to go boarding down the sulphur?

    @Andy – it’s a little known fact that the horizon as seen from Vancouver actually does tilt a bit. Most people assume it would lean to the left, though…

    @Ben – take any chance you can get to Vancouver. It’s a very beautiful and great city. And the green… Man, the green…

  3. Ben,

    I would double echo D’Arcy’s comments about Vancouver, one of my top favorite cities to select for a conference. If you have the time, schedule extra time to venture beyond the city, get out to Vancouver Island.

    “Sakai”? I do not attend food conferences ;-) Seriously, I am lildly watching, but having no dirct involvement in course management systems at Maricopa, I’d be stretching my travel justifications (well I did get a blogging conference approved).

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