I repeat myself, but wow, do I love Writely, the shared web word processor.

A few nights ago, I go an email invite to edit a Writely document– this came from Phil Long at MIT, and I followed the link in to edit a document we has creating to use as a demo presentation.

How mind blowing it was to see his words appearing at the bottom of the page as I was adding this picture and some text to the top. Can your grandfather’s wiki have live editing by more than one person?

I’ve been using Writely to draft some new project ideas for next year, and inviting sopme colleagues to help edit. One small, tiny shortcoming I see is that some of the people I invited to edit, merely typed in some comments rather than actually editing my copy. It would be swell, Beaver, if there was a way in Writely to attach a comment to text that was not really part of the document itself.

Most others seem to want a full, one screen display of all changes like Word’s Track Changes. You get them in essence by tracking Writely’s revision history. but it’s not exactly the same.

For all that Writely does right, I can live without the detailed Track Changes.

I’d really like to see what some creative writing teachers can do with this, or anyone else working on a document written by more than one person.

Writely Wrocks!

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