Spam Roaches Dig Deeper: Dr Dave’s SK2 Not Sitting Still

You just cannot sit back too long in confidence with blog comment spam roaches. They multiply, mutate, miniaturize, and just keep pecking at the castle door.

If you have a WordPress blog that has hummed along nicely using Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma 2, you may have noticed a spate of roaches has been lining up your door and getting in. For more, see the details in The State of Spam [Karma].

It seems like the roaches have gotten smarter. They have an unfair advantage (besides being repulsive and crunchy) in that the code that SK2 protects us from is right out there in plan view. So now, they have evolved from script kiddies throwing piles of links with forged addresses, to single link incursion attempts that mangle some text from a blog post title to confuse you. And it is confusing.

Side note- did anyone notice the rise in acne prevention spam? Does that tell you anything about the involved audience?

Anyhow, Dr. Dave is hard at work, and he is, after all, an “Evil Genius” (but a good kind of evil), and is down in the lab cooking up a new scheme. And yes, he does have his PayPal tip jar open. It’s rare that I dip in, but I will for things I get a lot of value of, so my contribution has already gone in the coffers. And this is my own moolah, not my employers.

Since a fair amount of spam I see come from old posts with higher google points (duh, can anyone recognize the Giant Colossal Being That is Doing Nothing But Offering Spammers Incentive? “nofollow”? what a joke), I’ve taken the steps to close comments from posts more than 30 days old.

Remember, spammers never sleep. They are below those that would steal candy from a baby or steal the change from a blind mans’ tin cup. They have no redeeming value, humanity, or reason to live. They are a waste of human flesh. Let’s call to arms a vigilante strike force!

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